We stock a wide range of animal feeds from the best quality mills in Ireland. Our feed range is suitable for Beef Cattle, Dairy Cows, Sheep and Horses and a choice of coarse rations or milled nuts are available. If preferred, high quality straight ingredients are on hand while we stock minerals in bucket, block and powder form.

Supreme Finisher For Grass

Cattle being finished on grass is an excellent idea, as it maximizes live weight gain of cattle at a considerably lower cost per head per day than winter finishing. Live weight gain of an average 1KG per day. June-July is a great time to finish cattle of grass.

18% Premium Calf Starter

Our calf starter includes a palatable mix of ingredients including flaked barley, flaked maize and flaked beans. Crude protein is 18% and comes from soya bean meal and full fat soya, along with Cullen NuStart Calf Premix. It contains a buffer to make it easier to digest.

Weanling Extra

A popular ration for young beef and dairy cattle, this coarse ration contains crude protein at 16%. High levels of cereals, flaked maize, barley field beans and soya. Minerals and vitamins are included at full rate. The coarse nature of this ration makes it more palatable to the animal.

Intensive Beef 14%

This is manufactured using 14% crude protein. Cereal content is very high in this mix. Nutrients are provided using a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Its crunchy texture makes it palatable finishing ration. High levels of maize ensure a good fat source.

18% Dairy Coarse Mix

A high energy 18% coarse ration for cows on grass or silage based diets. 45% of this ration comes from cereals, beans, distillers and flaked maize, along with cal-mag, vitamins and minerals, making it an ideal ration for parlour feeding.

20% Ewe and Lamb

This ration is a blend of 24% soya. Cereals such as rolled barley, oats and flaked maize are included. Fiber comes in the form of beet pulp. Soya bean meal makes it ideal for milk let down post lambing. Minerals and vitamins at good levels round off this ration.

Supreme Native Ration  

With an emphasis on sustainability we are launching our new Supreme Native Ration. This weanling and finishing ration is made up of all native ingredients: barley, wheat, oats, beans and rape cake. As grain merchants we strive to maintain a supply of quality grain from our farmers which we then use to produce our wide range of coarse rations.